Store sites and properties

The store site network is a strategic competitive factor for K Group. It provides opportunities for business operations to develop and sales and customer satisfaction to increase.

Different stores for different customer needs

K-Markets, Siwas and Valintatalos
  • Total number of K-Markets: 638 (excluding service stations)
  • Average total sales area: 370 m2
  • Average number of products on sale: 5,000

  • Total number of K-Supermarkets: 228
  • Average total sales area: 1,270 m2
  • Average number of products on sale: 11,000

K-Citymarkets, K-Rautas, Byggmakkers, Onninen Express and K-Senukai stores 
  • Total number of K-Citymarkets: 80
  • Average total sales area: K-Citymarket 6,300 m2
  • Average number of products on sale: K-Citymarket groceries 18,000


  • Total number of K-Rautas in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Russia: 94
  • Total number of Byggmakkers in Norway: 80
  • Total number of K-Senukai stores in Lithuania: 22 and in Latvia: 1
  • Total number of Onninen Express and Mega Express in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: approximately 120
  • Average total sales area: K-Rauta 5,800 – 9,100 m2, Byggmakker 3,700 m2, K-Senukai approximately 8,000 m2, Onninen Express 1,245 m2
  • Average number of products on sale: K-Rauta as many as 170,000, Byggmakker 14,000, K-Senukai even 60,000, Onninen Express even 22,000

Versatile services at store sites

The customers of K Group stores are served also in online stores. We take e-commerce requirements into account at the construction phase of new store sites. In the click and collect operating model, a separate in-store storage and packing area is reserved for products ordered online. Specific parking spaces in the food store yard are dedicated to collection customers and the shopping is paid in connection with collection at the car.

In 2016, there were 396 Rinki eco take-back points in connection with K-food stores intended for consumer packaging recycling and 160 of them also accepted plastics. Several eco points also accepted wastepaper and discarded clothes. All K-food stores accepted deposit beverage containers.

Key local services available at K-food stores included over 325 Posti service points, over 560 Matkahuolto parcel pick-up points, over 25 DHL service points, over 140 Posti automatic parcel pick-up points and over 1,000 K-food stores provided a cash withdrawal service. We offer an extensive network of electric car charging points free of charge. The ‘Liiteri’ trial tested K-Rauta’s tool rental service.

Energy efficient construction and property maintenance

When a new store site or shopping centre is being planned and built, the starting point is sustainable development and energy efficiency. In maintenance and repairs, the starting point is also lowering lifecycle costs.

Store site projects involve major capital expenditure, the implementation of which requires skilled people, a high-quality network of cooperation and common rules. Kesko has long experience and plenty of competence in the implementation of demanding store site projects.

In order to indicate the high level of requirements, an international environmental classification, BREEAM or LEED, to be carried out by an external assessor is applied to the most significant store site projects.

The following store sites have or will have the BREEAM environmental rating:

  • Kesko’s new shopping centre being built in Itäkeskus, Helsinki
  • K-kampus, Kesko’s main office building planned to be built in Kalasatama, Helsinki
  • The new shopping centres, each to include a K-Supermarket, being built in Suurpelto, Espoo and Laajasalo, Helsinki

It is important to keep an eye on the development in the building and energy sector and anticipate changes. Technology is advancing all the time. The rapid development requires expertise to identify when it is the right time to reject the existing technology and move on.

Kesko participates in the 2017–2025 action plan of the commerce sector's Energy Efficiency Agreement. In accordance with the agreement, we are committed to reducing our energy consumption by 7.5% through various saving measures. All K Group store chains are included in the agreement.

The measures include:

  • Solutions that decrease the consumption of materials and energy during the lifecycle of the property
  • The lowest lifecycle costs in the trading sector
  • Optimum conditions for customers, employees and products

Retail stores achieve significant energy savings with these energy efficient solutions:

  • Remote monitoring and building automation
  • Lids and doors on refrigeration equipment
  • Recovery of condensation heat
  • Refrigeration equipment that uses carbon dioxide
  • Adjustable and directional lighting
  • LED lights in neon signs
  • Increased use of LED lighting also inside the store
  • Solar power plants on store rooftops

Kesko's around 40 Real Estate Managers help K-stores find ways in which to make their energy consumption more efficient and prepare a 5–6-year renovation programmes.

in Action:
Solar power from K-store rooftops

K Group increases the use of solar power Finland's largest property specific solar power plant is located on the rooftop of K-Citymarket Tammisto in Vantaa. By summer 2017, as many as 16 solar power plants will be operating in connection with K-stores. The new investments will make K Group Finland's biggest producer and user of solar power.

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Store sites in figures

Breakdown of owned properties, €

Owned properties by region, €*

* Carrying amount

Owned properties by division, €*

* Carrying amount

The store sites are divided into four categories: strategic properties, standard properties, realisation properties and development properties.

Capital expenditure in store sites

In 2016, Kesko’s total capital expenditure in store sites was €216.7 (166.7) million

In view of our growth, key capital expenditure included:

  • In the grocery trade, increasing and modernising the K-Market network, and expanding the K-Supermarket network
  • In the building and technical trade, the K-Rauta network is modernised in all operating countries

Kesko makes capital expenditure only in properties needed for its own or supporting business operations.

At the end of 2016, the most significant store sites under construction were:

  • K-Citymarket and the urban centre Easton in Helsinki, and K-Citymarket in Sastamala
  • New K-Supermarkets being built in Tampere and Ilmajoki, and in Niittykumpu, Espoonlahti, as well as Suurpelto in Espoo and Kalasatama and Pasila in Helsinki
  • K-Rauta in Savonlinna and in St. Petersburg, Russia

For several upcoming years, Kesko’s most significant store site project will be the new shopping centre, Easton Helsinki, being built in Itäkeskus, Helsinki. The capital expenditure of the first phase is valued at €100 million. Its employment impact is about 250 person-years for a period of two years. The first part of Easton Helsinki will open to customers in autumn 2017. The next part is estimated to be completed in 2019. The capital expenditure of the whole complex is valued at over €200 million.

In 2015–2016, our total capital expenditure in business operations, acquisitions excluded, was €500 million. From 2018 onwards, we estimate the annual capital expenditure to remain below €200 million. The strategic objectives are to achieve growth in the Finnish grocery trade, the building and technical trade and the car trade.

Owned store sites by region, m2

Owned store sites by division, m2

Leased store sites by region, m2

Leased store sites by division, m2

Owned store sites and properties
Book value by region, € million 2016 2015
Finland 688 662
Other Nordic countries 48 51
Baltic countries and Belarus 33 33
Russia 168 361
Total 937 1,107
Area by region, 1,000 m2 2016 2015
Finland 547 540
Other Nordic countries 65 66
Baltic countries and Belarus 105 109
Russia 137 191
Total 854 906
Book value by division, € million 2016 2015
Grocery trade 524 639
Building and technical trade 342 357
Car trade 56 60
Others 15 51
Total 937 1,107
Area by division, 1,000 m2 2016 2015
Grocery trade 377 410
Building and technical trade 421 404
Car trade 47 47
Others 9 45
Total 854 906
Leased store sites and properties
Area by region, 1,000 m2 2016 2015
Finland 2,682 2,274
Other Nordic countries 222 180
Baltic countries and Belarus 555 470
Poland 60 -
Russia 8 27
Total 3,527 2,951
Lease liabilities by region, € million 2016 2015
Finland 2,698 2,348
Other Nordic countries 92 48
Baltic countries and Belarus 199 185
Poland 6 -
Russia 0 13
Total 2,996 2,594
Lease liabilities, € million 2016 2015
No later than one year 400 347
Later than one year and no later than five years 1,326 1,139
Later than five years 1,269 1,108
Total 2,996 2,594