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Note 19. Trade and other current receivables
€ million 2016 2015
Interest-bearing receivables
Finance lease receivables 0.3 2.7
Interest-bearing loans and receivables 3.4 7.3
Total interest-bearing receivables 3.7 10.0
Trade receivables 831.2 581.7
Income tax assets 21.2 2.0
Other non-interest-bearing receivables
Non-interest-bearing loans and receivables 24.5 19.6
Prepaid expenses 174.1 95.0
Total other non-interest-bearing receivables 198.6 114.6
Total 1,054.6 708.3
A total amount of €6.7 million (€3.7 million) of trade receivables has been recognised within credit losses in the income statement. The credit risk is described in more detail in note 32.
Prepaid expenses mainly comprise allocations of purchases and employee benefit expenses.
The fair values of current trade and loan receivables, and those of current interest-bearing receivables are estimated to equal the carrying amounts due to their short maturities.